We at Johnson Smith seek to provide private companies with general counsel on diverse issues.  We strive to assist clients with issues related to business formation and management, including choice of entity, development of a succession plan, and all matters in between.  We understand that today’s businesses face a wide range of challenges.  In response, we provide services that meet our clients’ legal needs, including setting up new business entities; drafting agreements defining relationships among owners, including adding or buying out an owner; providing basic business documents, such as distributorship agreements, employment agreements, confidentiality agreements or business forms with terms and conditions; mergers and acquisitions; joint ventures; domestic and international purchase agreements; advising on maintenance of corporate formalities, including ensuring that annual meetings are held; and the full range of other issues involved in starting, merging with, or acquiring another company.  In short, we provide private companies with the kind of counsel they would expect from in-house counsel.  In addition, we are active in other venues, including trade associations, lecturing, teaching and writing on key business subjects that enrich our knowledge and make our advice more valuable.  This diverse array of knowledge and experience, combined with an in-depth knowledge of the client’s business, helps our attorneys provide advice and counseling to meet the client’s particular needs.

Practicing Attorneys: